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Meetings during the Covid-19 Pandemic

LLL Oxfordshire Online Meetings during Covid19

We have suspended all face-to-face meetings and now aim to hold one online meeting per week. You can join the meeting you would have normally attended because it's close to you or any meeting that works for you; geography is not so important when we are all online. We'll also be holding antenatal sessions more often than usual, and these will online too. Click on the images below for dates and further information of regular meetings & antenatal sessions.

Please note that La Leche League Leaders are all volunteers and we are dealing many of the common current challenges of juggling other work from home / key work away from home, helping our children with school work, household demand for bandwith etc. We may not be able to respond as quickly or as thoroughly as we'd like during this difficult period but we'll do our best!

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In the meantime, stay well.

WHO Coping with stress Graphic
Source: World Health Organization, March 2020

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